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Earn an online bachelor`s degree from an internationally recognised, state-accredited university. Join thousands of students at Germany’s largest university, and start shaping your future today. Choose your study programme from dozens of options in healthcare, data & IT, marketing and business & management. Some bachelor`s degrees are offered 100% online, while others offer the option to combine online and on-location studies. Visit one of the programmes below to learn more.

4 Years

Business & Management (7)

Bachelor of Business Administration students are in high demand in companies of all sizes, from start-ups to globally operating large companies or even social, cultural or public institu- tions. While many graduates go on to complete a master’s or MBA, the skills learned during your studies in business administration are the perfect foundation to start a career running, optimis- ing, or innovating businesses across the world.

4 Years

Data & IT (8)

Computer science is revolutionising industries from within and is at the core of innovation, efficiency, and improvement of our daily lives. From the way we live to the way we work, communicate and travel, com- puter science is enabling brand new concepts to be realised. As society expects more and more informa- tion at our fingertips and communication in an instant, computer science specialists are in high demand.

4 Years

Health & Social Care (1)

Bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, support digitalisation efforts or promote equal access to quality healthcare services – the Bachelor’s in International Healthcare Management programme gives you the chance to build a career with a real impact on the world. By building a career dedicated to improving healthcare systems around the globe, you can expect exciting new challenges on a constant basis, as well as the chance to develop healthcare projects around the world. 

4 Years

Psychology (2)

Have you ever wondered what makes people buy a certain product and their brand loyalty? Or which motivational methods provide the most benefits to employee and company alike? Business and psychology are closely linked. Economic factors are best understood and companies most at their most successful through an understanding an application of these intrinsic links. As a graduate of IU International University of Applied Sciences’ Bachelor Industrial and Organizational Psychology, you will be responsible for tapping into these links, and applying them to create sustainable success for all stakeholders in businesses.

2-3 Years


Build on your previous knowledge and experience, and take your skills and career to the next level with an online master`s degree from an internationally recognised, state-accredited university. Develop expert knowledge in a wide variety of in-demand fields, and benefit from IU’s focus on practical work skills. Take your pick from degree programmes in data & IT, business & management, health & social care or marketing & communications. In addition, you can choose between studying for a completely online degree, or opt for one of our myStudies programmes, where you combine online and on-location studies.

1-1.5 Years

MBA (14)

Regardless of your professional background, with our master MBA online degrees, you’ll expand your specialist knowledge, and build in-depth business expertise. Study online, on-location – or combine both – and develop your management skills to match top international positions.

Looking to make a difference, and lead teams in exciting new industries? With our wide selection of unique MBA specialisations, you can set a course for a new career path in your field of choice. Level up your skills – choose your MBA.