English Launchpad-Advanced

English Launchpad Advanced is a comprehensive course designed for students who have a solid foundation in the English language and want to further enhance their proficiency. It focuses on refining advanced language skills, expanding vocabulary, and developing fluency in various contexts. Here’s an overview of the English Launchpad Advanced course:

  1. Vocabulary Enrichment: Students will learn advanced vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to enhance their communication skills in formal and informal settings. They will explore specialized terminology related to fields such as business, technology, science, and the arts.
  2. Advanced Grammar: The course covers complex grammatical structures, including advanced verb forms, conditionals, passive voice, phrasal verbs, and more. Students will refine their understanding and usage of grammar in both written and spoken English.
  3. Listening and Speaking Proficiency: Students will engage in extensive listening practice, including authentic materials such as speeches, debates, podcasts, and interviews. They will focus on improving their listening comprehension, note-taking, and critical thinking skills. Speaking activities will include discussions, presentations, and debates to develop fluency, clarity, and persuasive speaking abilities.
  4. Reading Comprehension and Analysis: Students will tackle challenging texts, including articles, academic papers, and literary works. They will enhance their reading comprehension skills, analyze complex ideas, and develop critical thinking skills through in-depth discussions and written responses.
  5. Advanced Writing Skills: The course will focus on advanced writing techniques, such as argumentative essays, research papers, reports, and formal correspondence. Students will refine their writing style, structure their arguments effectively, and demonstrate clarity and coherence in their written work.
  6. Cultural and Societal Understanding: Students will explore cultural, social, and global issues to develop a broader understanding of diverse perspectives. They will analyze and discuss cultural nuances, societal challenges, and current affairs in English-speaking countries.
  7. Academic and Professional Skills: The course will prepare students for academic and professional environments by emphasizing skills such as delivering presentations, participating in meetings, conducting research, and writing reports. They will enhance their ability to communicate effectively in academic and workplace settings.
  8. Independent Learning Strategies: Students will develop effective learning strategies, such as note-taking, summarizing, and self-study techniques. They will be encouraged to take ownership of their learning and explore resources beyond the classroom.
  9. Progress Tracking and Assessment: Regular assessments, projects, and presentations will be conducted to evaluate students’ progress and provide constructive feedback for further improvement.

English Launchpad Advanced aims to help students reach a high level of English proficiency, enabling them to confidently communicate in complex academic, professional, and social contexts. The course fosters critical thinking, analytical skills, and cultural awareness, preparing students for success in their academic and professional pursuits.

Weeks 1-2

Advanced Vocabulary Expansion: Building a rich vocabulary related to a wide range of topics such as technology, current affairs, literature, and professional fields.
Complex Grammar Structures: Exploring advanced grammar concepts including conditional sentences, reported speech, modal verbs, and advanced verb tenses.
Reading Comprehension: Analyzing and discussing complex texts, articles, and literary excerpts to enhance reading skills and critical thinking.

Weeks 3-4

Advanced Speaking Skills: Engaging in debates, discussions, and presentations on various topics to enhance fluency, accuracy, and public speaking skills.
Listening and Comprehension: Developing advanced listening skills through the use of authentic audio materials, interviews, and lectures.
Writing Skills: Practicing advanced writing techniques such as formal letters, essays, reports, and argumentative compositions.

Weeks 5-6

Idiomatic Expressions and Collocations: Learning commonly used idioms, phrasal verbs, and collocations to enhance language fluency and natural expression.
Advanced Grammar Review: Consolidating knowledge of complex grammar structures through comprehensive review exercises and activities.
Cultural Awareness: Exploring cultural aspects of English-speaking countries through discussions on traditions, customs, and societal norms.

Weeks 7-8

Academic English Skills: Developing skills required for academic purposes, such as academic writing styles, research techniques, and presentation skills.
Media and Communication: Analyzing and discussing media-related topics, including news articles, advertisements, and multimedia content, to improve language proficiency and critical thinking.
Exam Preparation: Familiarizing students with the format and requirements of advanced-level English language exams, practicing exam tasks, and developing exam strategies.

Weeks 9-10

Advanced Listening and Speaking: Enhancing listening and speaking skills through engaging in authentic, real-life conversations, interviews, and debates.
Advanced Reading and Writing: Practicing advanced reading comprehension strategies and writing techniques through analysis of complex texts and producing well-structured pieces of writing.

Weeks 11-12

Professional Communication: Developing language skills required for professional settings, such as business meetings, negotiations, and formal presentations.
Creative Writing: Exploring various forms of creative writing, including short stories, poetry, and descriptive writing.

Weeks 13-16

Specialized Topics: Delving into specialized areas of interest, such as literature, history, science, or business English, to expand language proficiency and knowledge.
Pronunciation and Intonation: Focusing on refining pronunciation, intonation, and accent to enhance overall oral communication skills.
Final Assessments: Conducting comprehensive assessments to evaluate language proficiency and skills acquired throughout the course.
The English Launchpad Advanced course is designed for individuals who have a strong foundation in the English language and want to further enhance their proficiency. It is suitable for learners who have completed the intermediate level or have an equivalent language proficiency.
The English Launchpad Advanced course is structured to be completed within 16 weeks. This duration allows for in-depth coverage of advanced-level topics and skills.
Yes, the English Launchpad Advanced course is conducted in a virtual classroom setting. Through an online platform, you will have interactive sessions with experienced instructors and engage in collaborative learning with fellow participants.
The English Launchpad Advanced course typically includes three classes per week. This schedule provides a balance between regular engagement and flexibility for self-study and practice.
Yes, the English Launchpad Advanced course includes regular exams and assessments to evaluate your progress and proficiency. These exams are designed to assess your language skills and provide feedback on your performance.
Yes, upon successfully completing the English Launchpad Advanced course and meeting the course requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate recognizes your achievement and signifies your advanced-level proficiency in English.
Absolutely! Upon completing the English Launchpad Advanced course, you will have developed the necessary skills to pursue specialized courses or higher levels of English proficiency. This course serves as a stepping stone for further language development.

Group Course

  • 40 sessions equivalent to 80 academic hours (1 session = 90 minutes duration)
  • Interactive immersion techniques taught by an experienced speaker
  • The course aims to provide a solid foundation in English language skills, allowing the student to comfortably navigate everyday interactions and lay the groundwork for further language development.
  • Class size: Maximum 12 students in a group

Enrolled: 8 students
Duration: 8:00 - 10: PM
Lectures: 19
Video: 90 Min.
Level: Advanced