TOEIC English prep course

Course Overview:

This course is designed to prepare students for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam. It focuses on developing the necessary skills and strategies to succeed in the listening and reading sections of the TOEIC test. The course incorporates practice tests, authentic materials, and targeted exercises to enhance students’ English language proficiency in a business context.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Course Objectives:

  • Familiarize students with the format, structure, and requirements of the TOEIC exam.
  • Enhance students’ listening and reading comprehension skills specific to the business and workplace context.
  • Develop effective strategies and techniques to maximize performance in the TOEIC test.
  • Provide ample practice opportunities through simulated TOEIC exercises and practice tests.
  • Increase students’ overall confidence in taking the TOEIC exam.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to TOEIC:
    • Overview of the TOEIC exam, including sections, format, and scoring.
    • Explanation of the different question types in the listening and reading sections.
    • Discussion of the importance of English language proficiency in the business context.
  2. Listening Skills Development:
    • Strategies for effective listening comprehension, such as predicting, note-taking, and recognizing key information.
    • Listening to business-related conversations, lectures, and presentations.
    • Practice exercises focusing on different question types, such as short conversations, longer dialogues, and speeches.
  3. Reading Skills Enhancement:
    • Techniques for improving reading speed, scanning, and skimming.
    • Analyzing and comprehending business-related texts, articles, and reports.
    • Practice exercises targeting different reading question types, including multiple-choice, incomplete sentences, and text completion.
  4. Vocabulary and Grammar for TOEIC:
    • Building essential business vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
    • Reviewing common grammar structures tested in the TOEIC exam.
    • Vocabulary and grammar exercises to reinforce understanding and usage.
  5. TOEIC Test-taking Strategies:
    • Time management techniques for each section of the TOEIC exam.
    • Approaches to tackling different question types efficiently.
    • Tips for eliminating answer choices and making educated guesses.
  6. Practice Tests and Assessments:
    • Conducting full-length practice tests under timed conditions.
    • Detailed review and analysis of practice test results.
    • Providing individualized feedback and guidance for improvement.
  7. Mock Exams and Final Preparation:
    • Simulating the TOEIC exam experience with mock exams.
    • Targeted practice on challenging areas identified through mock exams.
    • Final tips and strategies for the actual TOEIC exam day.
  8. Review and Feedback Sessions:
    • Addressing student questions and concerns.
    • Reviewing difficult concepts or problem areas as identified by students.
    • Providing ongoing feedback and progress assessment.

Course Materials:

  • Official Guide to the TOEIC Test
  • Authentic TOEIC practice tests and sample questions
  • Business-related articles, reports, and audio recordings

Week 1: Introduction to TOEIC

Overview of the TOEIC exam, including sections, format, and scoring.
Familiarization with question types in the listening and reading sections.
Introduction to test-taking strategies and time management techniques.

Week 2-3: Listening Skills Development

Enhancing listening comprehension skills through focused exercises.
Strategies for understanding spoken English in different contexts.
Practicing with TOEIC-style listening passages and question types.

Week 4-5: Reading Skills Enhancement

Developing efficient reading techniques for the TOEIC exam.
Improving reading speed, comprehension, and inference skills.
Analyzing and practicing with authentic TOEIC reading passages and question types.

Week 6: Vocabulary Building

Expanding business-related vocabulary relevant to the TOEIC exam.
Learning common idiomatic expressions and collocations.
Vocabulary exercises and activities to reinforce learning.

Week 7: Grammar Review

Reviewing essential grammar structures and rules tested in the TOEIC exam.
Practicing grammar usage in context through exercises and drills.

Week 8-9: Test-Taking Strategies

In-depth exploration of effective test-taking strategies for each section.
Techniques for identifying key information and eliminating answer choices.
Mock tests with detailed analysis and feedback.

Week 10: Mock Exam and Final Review

Targeted practice exercises for specific question types in listening and reading.
Simulated TOEIC exercises to enhance overall performance.
Mini practice tests to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.
Full-length TOEIC mock exams to simulate the real exam conditions.
Detailed review and analysis of mock exam results.
Final revision of key concepts, strategies, and tips for success.
The TOEIC Preparation Course is designed to be completed within 10 weeks.
The course consists of 3 classes per week, held virtually in a virtual classroom.
The class timings will be determined based on the availability of the students and the agreed-upon schedule.
The classes will be conducted in a virtual classroom, allowing you to attend from anywhere with an internet connection.
The virtual classroom sessions will be conducted using ABJAD platform where students can interact with the instructor and other participants in real-time.
Course materials, including textbooks, practice tests, and additional resources, will be provided digitally. These materials will be accessible through ABJAD learning platform used for the course.
Yes, the virtual classroom environment will facilitate interaction with the instructor and other participants through discussions, group activities, and Q&A sessions.
Yes, assignments and homework will be assigned to reinforce learning and provide additional practice opportunities. These assignments will be submitted and reviewed electronically.
Yes, there will be regular progress assessments throughout the course to gauge your performance and provide feedback. Additionally, a mock exam will be conducted at the end of the course to simulate the TOEIC exam experience.
If you miss a class, the recorded session will be made available for you to catch up. You can also reach out to the instructor for any clarifications or additional support.
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Enrolled: 18 students
Duration: 7:00-9:00 PM
Lectures: 23
Video: 120 Min
Level: Advanced