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English language courses

Thought development courses

Invest in your mind

Developing the idea of women

Women's Thought Development Challenge: Join an inspiring women's community and explore new ways to enhance critical thinking and creativity. Discover and develop your inner strength by developing analytical and problem-solving skills. Learn how to communicate with confidence and impact in professional and personal environments. Gain planning and achievement strategies to achieve your goals and achieve success. Embark on a journey of motivation, personal transformation, and the radiance of a more fulfilling and creative life


Thought development for teachers

Modern Thought Development Programs for Educators: Discover a new world of innovative learning and strategic thinking. Explore modern teaching strategies and engaging communication techniques. Develop problem-solving skills and develop creativity in the classroom. Use interactive learning tools and learn how to apply them effectively. Enjoy interacting with an advanced learning community and exchanging ideas with inspiring teachers. Join a stimulating professional development journey that contributes to improving students' learning experience and achieving sustainable success in education


Developing thought for the security and judicial sector

Developing Thought in the Judicial and Security Sector: Immerse yourself in training programs that promote critical and strategic thinking and catalyze deep transformation in the judicial and security sector. Explore the complex challenges you face and find innovative and sustainable solutions. Develop analysis and assessment capabilities to address crime and security threats. Develop communication and negotiation skills to promote cooperation and positive interaction. Able to make critical decisions and manage risks efficiently. Promote professional ethics and judicial responsibility in your daily practices. He pledged to achieve justice and security and comprehensively strengthen the legal system


Business idea development

Strategic Thought Development for Business Leaders Program: Explore methods of strategic thinking and leadership development in the business sector. Learn to analyze the competitive environment and identify opportunities and challenges. Gain the capabilities of strategic planning and achieving growth and profitability targets. Develop communication and negotiation skills to deal with partners and clients effectively. Use innovation and digital transformation to achieve competitive advantage. Join a network of entrepreneurs and share experiences and inspiring ideas on your journey towards strategic success in the business sector


International Curriculum Courses

International Baccalaureate

The program aims to improve students' learning processes by offering a challenging and high-quality international education that shares a strong vision. This course encourages students around the world to become passionate about lifelong learning.

International Curriculum

British Curriculum

The British curriculum provides high educational levels that help students to enroll in all international universities in Britain or the United States, in addition to the international exams “IGCSE” for grade 10, “As” for grade 11, and the “A level” exam in grade 12.

International Curriculum

American curriculum

Educational training courses according to the American education curricula specialized in language courses, which are: English - Arabic - French in addition to mathematics and science. It also offers courses in each of: Biology - Physics - Chemistry according to the American curriculum.

International Curriculum

Foundation courses

"We don't just teach, we make the difference"

National Curriculum Courses

Emirati curriculum

The national curriculum

Saudi curriculum

The national curriculum

Egyptian curriculum

The national curriculum

Iraqi curriculum

International Curriculum

Jordanian curriculum

International Curriculum

American high school diploma

The Abjad educational platform provides the opportunity for high school students to obtain an American high school diploma in parallel with their local curricula in cooperation with

Flex School, Florida, USA

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