Empowering Women in the "She-cession": Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills

Course Overview

This course is designed to empower women in the face of the “she-cession” by focusing on enhancing critical thinking skills. Participants will develop the mindset and abilities needed to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the evolving job market. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and real-life case studies, participants will sharpen their critical thinking skills and cultivate a proactive approach to professional success.

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding and Developing Thinking

Introduction to the importance of thinking and its development in the workplace
Exploring critical, creative, and strategic thinking concepts
Providing tools and techniques for analyzing and developing ideas

Module 2: Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Teaching analysis and critical evaluation of information and ideas
Guiding participants in distinguishing facts from assumptions and conducting deep problem analysis
Offering practices and exercises to enhance critical thinking abilities

Module 3: Cultivating Creative Thinking

Fostering creative thinking and generating innovative ideas and solutions

Introducing tools and techniques to stimulate creativity and its development

Providing practical scenarios and projects to boost creative thinking skills

Module 4: Strategic Thinking Development

Understanding the concept and significance of strategic thinking in achieving goals
Training participants in environmental analysis and the development of effective strategies
Offering case studies and exercises to strengthen strategic thinking

Module 5: Promoting Innovation and Problem-Solving

Recognizing the importance of innovation and problem-solving in the job market
Introducing tools and techniques for generating innovative ideas and solving complex problems
Providing practical exercises and simulations related to “she-cession” scenarios

Module 6: Enhancing Smart Decision-Making Skills

Presenting a framework for making smart and informed decisions
Training participants in data analysis and evidence-based decision-making
Offering exercises and challenges to apply systematic and logical reasoning in the “she-cession” context

Module 7: Fostering Innovation in Communication and Collaboration

Promoting innovation in communication and developing effective presentation and communication skills
Introducing tools and techniques for collaboration and creative teamwork
Providing practices and exercises to apply innovation in communication and collaboration


Musab Sasa is a corporate trainer and a program developer with many years of experience providing outstanding programs for hundreds of managers and employees. Musab has been in the corporate training and developing field since 1992 and is known for the dynamic, motivating and humorous speaking style he brings to every event

Taking his speaking talent into the world of work, Musab brings variety of training topics to the corporate and government world. With intensive experience creating programs, Musab has delivered career workshops which include Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring, Drug Abuse Education, Corporate Staffing, Teamwork, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Stress Management, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving, Image and Career Counseling, Loss Prevention Techniques, Modern Investigation & Interrogation Techniques, as well as helping to create and manage learning centers for many companies in The USA

Musab is a certified Master Trainer, Life Coach, and a certified youth & marriage counselor (behavioral therapist), with a BS degree in Business Management, Minor in Psychology
(Ramapo State College of  New Jersey, USA)

He is also an active member of several professional Human Resources developing training associations which includes ATD, AMA, and the Project Management Institute. Based on a survey conducted by the Bergen Records journal newspaper, he was ranked 4th on the USA east cost on presentation skills, and motivational abilities, Sept. 2011